9 warming for Uganda Christian university Guild elections

Guild President of UCU,Phillip Mugume Baitwa,waving to his supporters.
Guild President of UCU,Phillip Mugume Baitwa,waving to his supporters during the campaigns.

By Osborn Mushabe

Uganda Christian university (UCU) September Guild elections are slowly gaining momentum as Guild Presidential and Parliamentary hopefuls intensify underground strategies to outshine opponents when the campaigns start in October.

So far, 9 students  including a lady are planning to vie for UCU Guild President.

These include 3 from the Business faculty(2 are in BBA), 3 from the faculty of education and arts (2 from Mass Comm), 2 from Law faculty and 1 from science and technology.

No one has surfaced so far from Social Sciences(BPAM, SWASA and Dev’t Studies

A former Guild Presidential Contestant who was vetted out in the last Guild elections is seriously in campaigns again while a senior strategist of one of the 2 eventual losers in the last presidential elections is also clandestinely garnering for support.

Meanwhile, for Parliamentary elections, the race for MP Law seems to be the one leading as 7 people are said to be harboring ambitions, come September semester and amongst these, the leading ones being talked about are Bangi Sayid, Attorney General Hon Namara Keith Kyaruzi, Bismarck, Ojakol Ivan and Mugombesha Gilbert “Javier”..

No confirmation yet here but don’t get surprised when the said guys pick nomination forms

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