A brief from IUIU Guild President

A brief from IUIU Guild President
Abubaker Matanda, Guild President of Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU)
Abubaker Matanda, Guild President of Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU)

By Abubaker Matanda, Guild President IUIU.

As a Guild government of Islamic university in Uganda (IUIU), we have dedicated our efforts to a number of activities; we have just finished an outreach programme through the ministry of education, where we visited over ten schools in Mbale Municipality.

We have been offering career guidance, sharing with those in S. 6 about life at campus, and on self esteem.

Being the 25th anniversary Guild government, we did it in line with the theme of the IUIU anniversary to mark 25 years which is “25 years of academic excellence, and community service”.

Some of the schools covered included;

1. Yusra Islamic

2.St. Andrews college.

3. Mbale SS

4.Manafa High school

5.Nkoma SS

6.Wanale View

7.Mbale progressive Sec School

8.Mbale Comprehensive sec sch

9. Nakaloke SS

10.Nakaloke Islamic School.

Right now as we talk, a full bus of over sixty students has left IUIU main campus for Kabojja,females’ campus where they will be joined by another from Kampala campus Kibuli in an inter campus social event which seeks to enable as attain the objective of unity among all members of IUSU government (Islamic University Students’ Unity) in all the campuses.

Among the activities to be carried are debates, football, swimming etc.

Yesterday, 26th was the IUIU females day under the theme, “A PROMISE IS A PROMISE; TIME FOR ACTION TO END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN” the event was colourful.

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