AA Rano Pledges Continued Support To The Islamic University in Uganda Quran Memorisation Centre

AA Rano Pledges Continued Support To The Islamic University in Uganda Quran Memorisation Centre

In a high-stakes meeting with the esteemed Rector, his dedicated team, and a prominent figure, Alhajji A. A Rano, a renewed sense of purpose filled the air. The stage was set in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, where the Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) delegation embarked on a momentous journey from 21st to 31st July 2023 to internationalize the university.

As the meeting unfolded, Alhajji A. A Rano, a respected supporter of IUIU, passionately reiterated his unwavering commitment to the university, particularly to the Quran Memorization Center. His words resonated deeply with the Rector, and a sense of gratitude filled the room, knowing that such support would further elevate the university’s mission and aspirations.

Under the leadership of the visionary Rector and the dedication of the Academic Registrar and the head of International students, the delegation set their sights on a monumental goal – to strengthen the university’s ties on an international level. Their primary focus was on nurturing relationships with the sponsors of students at the national level, fostering connections through influential leaders such as Governors and Senators. They recognized that these leaders’ backing could open new doors for the university’s growth and development.

But it didn’t stop there. The delegation was determined to leave no stone unturned, reaching out to key foundations and influential individuals in Nigeria. By doing so, they sought to establish a network of collaboration and support, fostering a robust exchange of ideas and opportunities for both parties involved.

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This international visit was not solely about building connections with high-profile individuals; it also aimed to forge lasting ties with the general public, including students and parents. The team recognized that the future of the university rested in the hands of the upcoming generation, and so they embarked on a mission to engage with students and their families, sharing the vision of IUIU and the vast possibilities it offered.

Throughout the journey, they found themselves immersed in a vibrant cultural exchange, where traditions and values blended seamlessly. The visit wasn’t merely a formality; it was a heartfelt endeavor to enrich the academic and cultural experiences of all parties involved.

As the days passed, the delegation succeeded in expanding and enhancing IUIU’s ties, not just in Nigeria, but across the continent. They returned to Uganda, filled with hope and optimism for a brighter future, knowing that the seeds they sowed during this journey would bear fruit for generations to come. The memories of their fruitful venture would forever be etched in their hearts as a testament to the power of unity and collaboration in shaping a better world for all.

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