Full List: Over 40 New Courses Approved by Kyambogo University

Full List: Over 40 New Courses Approved by Kyambogo University

Kyambogo University (KYU) made significant changes to its academic offerings during its Council meeting on 27th April 2023. The University’s focus shifted towards degree programs, with a total of 30 new academic programs approved, ranging from Bachelor’s to Doctoral Degree levels. This move aims to emphasize higher qualification programs and enhance the quality of education provided by KYU.

The University’s Vice Chancellor, Prof Eli Katunguka, explained the rationale behind the changes, stating that they had completely stopped admitting students for certificate programs and were now refining the diploma programs. The ultimate goal is to gradually omit diploma programs and place greater emphasis on degrees, Master’s, and PhDs.

As part of this development, KYU decided to scrap a significant number of diploma and certificate programs to create more room for higher qualification programs. Among the previous 52 diploma programs, 27 were phased out, 8 were shelved, and 17 were retained. Some of the diploma programs that were retained include Diploma in Pre-Primary Education (DPPE), Diploma in Fashion and Apparel Design (DFD), Diploma in Biomedical Engineering, Diploma in Refrigeration/Air Conditioning, and Diploma in Water Engineering, among others. However, the Diploma in Primary and Secondary Education is one of the programs that were phased out during this restructuring.

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Additionally, KYU is planning to switch back to the traditional annual two-semester calendar. Currently, the university runs a three-semester program due to the changes that occurred in response to the post-COVID-19 pandemic situation. The extra cohort of students was admitted after the government’s proposal due to the absence of learners for A-level amid the pandemic in 2020.

Here is a summarized list of the changes made at KYU:

List- New Approved Degree Courses:

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