Airtel Uganda Hands Over Shs50m Refurbished Health Centre to Kisaasi Community

Airtel Uganda Hands Over Shs50m Refurbished Health Centre to Kisaasi Community

Telecom company, Airtel Uganda has handed over a fully refurbished Kisaasi Church of Uganda Health Centre in a project that cost shs50 million aimed at boosting services delivery in the community.

“Through our strong Corporate Social Responsibility agenda, we realigned our investments in sustainable transformative partnerships in agriculture, digital education, financial inclusion and health under our Airtel Cares Program. It is from this program that we were able to extend support to the health center,” said Rajesh Agrawal the Networks Director at Airtel Uganda.

He noted that the refurbishment included a 10,000 liters water tank fully installed with gutters for water harvesting, internal and external wall and floor works for the administration block and maternal center, painting of the administration and maternal center, renovation and upgrade of the health center ‘s VIP wing.

The refurbishment also included donation of Mama kits to 120 expectant mothers.

, “An improved health care system and center shall attract more mothers, the youth, and other patients to make use of health services within walking distance and improve their health seeking behaviors. We deeply understand that a healthy population is every country’s critical resource, and we remain committed to seeking partnerships that can help improve health services delivery and reduce the disease burden in the community,” Rajesh noted.

The telecom company officials also urged  the health facility to embrace telemedicine solutions that make use of the internet that allows medical practitioners to exchange ideas across the world.

While receiving the donation, Dr. Prosper Baryamujura the Head of Human Resource at Kisaasi COU Health Centre appreciated the telecom company for the support extended to them.

“ We are confident that the support will go a long way in serving the community efficiently as the health center is a focal point that serves the communities of Kisaasi, Kanyanya, Kikaaya and Kulambiro,” Dr.Baryamujura said.

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