Alcoholism eating into students future

Alcoholism eating into students future

Alcoholism is the inability to control drinking due to both physical and emotional dependence on alcohol.

Mountains of the moon university, students are not excluded from the hands of alcohol. Much as the university administrators cannot monitor the students drinking habit, they have a policy and hope it will regulate the alcohol consumption among its students.

An article published by Tara parker-pope, an editor on consumer health site notes that not everyone who consumes alcohol is an alcoholic. There are varying levels of alcohol use from mild, moderate to severe.

students having fun at Mbara forest lounge.

She explains that there are various reasons why most of the students at university drink.

“Most of them are too restricted at home hence they find great sum of freedom to try out things like alcohol, clubbing, drugs, late night parties and so on. Up to 800 men and women that leaving bars are campus students, the fact that the prices of alcohol are cheap this brings more students to bars” she states.

Kalya Courts dance floor, Fort portal city.

One of the sources who preferred to remain anonymous explained the universities policy on alcoholism.

Students who also preferred to remain anonymous explained reasons why they consume alcohol while at university.

 The custodian of a certain hostel says they drink for fun while she disagrees with drinking all together.

custodian talking about alcohol consumption.

Though various people have different reasons to why they drink some find fun in it especially while clubbing.

students clubbing at kalya courts.

Other reasons as to why students consume alcohol

Stressors such as self-pressure, peer pressure. In most cases wanting to fit in can make one shoot themselves in the foot, very few individuals want to be outcasts so they end up bending to certain habits because of peer pressure.

  •  Lowering Inhibitions, discovering oneself comes with a lot of funny habits , most students become sexually active during campus  times are they are easily influenced by either their boyfriends or as to feel less inhibited they take alcohol.
  • Boredom, alcohol can provide temporary happiness. Since no everyone can develop or seek out positive adventures they resort alcohol when bored.
  • Liquor vs. income, alcohol is cheap really cheap. For example torerro it’s just 2500= this makes it easy for students to afford.

Generally most of the college students consume alcohol. while some monitor their drinking others don’t and some need help.

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