Alien Skin cancels a London show due to Pallaso’s presence.

Alien Skin cancels a London show due to Pallaso’s presence.

Alien Skin cancels the London show due to scheduling conflicts. Mulwana Patrick, also known as Alien Skin, a budding Ugandan musician, is still generating headlines on the music scene, with the newest development being his refusal to perform in London this weekend.

Mulwana Patrick, also known as Alien Skin, is a rising Ugandan artist who has refused to perform in London this weekend.

Alien Skin was scheduled to perform at the Purple Party London Edition on June 24, 2023, at The Royal Regency Hall, among artists such as his rival Pius Mayanja, aka Pallaso, Azawi, David Lutalo, and Mikie Wine, among others.

Alien Skin

The performer, who was about to board his first aircraft, announced on Wednesday evening that he had canceled his performance for his overseas gig after consulting with his management team.

Alien Skin had already stated that he would not be performing at the same show as Pallaso.

The Sitya Danger singer stated that he received notification from the show’s promoter that his rival had been removed from the list of performers.

He was startled, however, to find that Pallaso’s visa to fly to the UK had also been processed with only a few days till the show.

“It’s not about proving anything with my music.” I still have time, London isn’t leaving, and aircraft are still flying. As a result, I will take the opportunity to apologize to my fans. Even if I have four of them there, I will inform them that I will not be able to travel to London,” Alien Skin stated while appearing on a local TV show.

“My management and the London show promoters had a sleepless night because they were attempting to cancel everything.” Most of the time, I express what I think, but many people take me for granted. “When I say I’m not going to do something, I really mean it,” he continued.

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There was also word on social media that Pallaso would not be performing at the event due to unanticipated issues highlighted by the administration of the facility where the show would be held. The cancellation was announced in response to a public incident in which Pallaso confronted and smacked Alien a few weeks ago.

The Purple Party London Edition is organized by the Purple Party brand, which is owned by media celebrity Douglas Mwanga and supported by Jose Jobs Link, among others.

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