Music Review: Tonzijukiza Lockdown – Alien Skin

Music Review: Tonzijukiza Lockdown – Alien Skin

Tonzijukiza” is a title given to a song due to what happened during the 2020 lockdown that plunged a lot of muscians into developing abyss.

Such a sweet feeling, to see nothing fancy, nothing out of the ordinary, no special effects, no superior storyline, basically just nothing, just a video of friends high on vibes in some hangout.

And Alien Skin delivers on just that, he does nothing, no dance choreography, just a music video.

The bigger explanation is that the lockdown was just nothing. There was nothing to those times, the lockdown plunged us into an abyss, into a state of nothingness, questioning, wondering, pondering, sitting around.

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And that is how the music video comes to an end, Alien Skin standing, hovering over his friends.

The same confused looks from his friends, the same location. And then it is over to the video. Make out your meaning from this video that is totally about life and the nothingness of life.

The absurdities of life. This video is a visual absurdity. There is nothing to it!

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