Anger on social media after Parliament stops ‘Nyege Nyege’ Festival

Anger on social media after Parliament stops ‘Nyege Nyege’ Festival

The Speaker of Parliament Anita Among has directed the cancellation of the planned ‘Nyege Nyege’ music festival scheduled to take place Itanda falls in Jinja. The three-day festival was scheduled to start on September 15th and run to September 18th, 2022.

However, Among says that parliament cannot allow the festival to take place because it promotes immorality.

The speaker’s directive followed a complaint raised by Tororo Woman Member of parliament Sarah Opendi as a matter of national importance. She said that the upcoming ‘Nyege Nyege’ festival in Jinja promotes immorality, saying it is an event that cannot be allowed to continue.

“What is the government’s position on this growing immorality in this country, and it is going to attract all kinds of people all over the world, bringing all kinds of activities that are non-African, non-Ugandan into our communities?” Opendi questioned.

It was to be held on the Nile River’s banks at Itanda Falls.

According to the festival’s organisers, their event focuses on electronic music scenes across Africa, as well as sounds from the global diaspora and others.

However, many stakeholders have criticised the event since its inception for encouraging homosexuality and sexual immorality.

Father Simon Lokodo, the deceased former Ethics minister, requested that the event be cancelled in 2018, claiming that it promotes homosexuality and moral decay. But he was defeated.

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