Beautiful girls should stop complimenting writers for the articles they write

It is one thing to write a wonderful article. But it is another thing when a beautiful girl compliments you for writing that article. It is a satisfying experience. I swear!

However, I thought it prudent to caution my friends who belong to the fairer sex about the implications of those compliments.

I am not saying that the girls should stop complementing the writer for the awesomeness they enjoy as result of his efforts but I think there is need for some level of moderation. Just a little moderation you know.

Okay, here is the deal. You see, when you compliment the writer for writing an article, he starts imagining different things.

He starts to think that for the joy he has brought into your life, he deserves more than a mere compliment, at least a hug, my friend. If you really enjoy the articles and are simply not feigning the excitement, then I guess a hug is not something too big for him to ask from you. Just saying…

Perhaps I should also let you know that the writer’s love language is affirmation. So when someone says something nice to the writer and extends that handshake to thank the writer for the work well done, he is thrown off his emotional balance and tempted to extend that handshake beyond the elbow.

In other words when you say those nice things the writer feels that perhaps he should get hold of you, disorganize your wits with a three minute hug and ask you out for a date. Intimacy

Besides, the writer is a weak man and in the marital sense of the word still single. So, when he meets a girl who likes his articles he presumes she likes him besides the articles and that their interactions can go beyond the compliments you know. Yet, we all know the writer has a certain Abwooli and a Mukiga girl in his life causing him enough issues to deal with.

Actually, he doesn’t want to cause himself any more problems by adding another girl to that list of two.

On that note, he is proposing a way forward, a win-win kind of bargain. Now, someone is about to suggest he chucks the Mukiga Girl, forgets about Abwooli and date the girls he’s trying to avoid by writing this article. But he thinks that would be a stupid move to make and to tell you the truth the Mukiga girl would murder him for that.

So, to avoid all those embarrassments he would rather his fans should follow him on his twitter handle for instance @musumbazak or at least like his Facebook page The Wireless Connection. If they do that they will be happy, he will be happy and all of us will go to heaven because we have not tempted one another to evil as it is in the case earlier expounded.

In spite of this warning, the writer knows there are those who have ears but won’t hear and will insist on complimenting him. The writer has to warn them that if they do, he will do something they will live to tell their grand children.

When they say those nice things which he would rather not hear, he will fly into their bosom and give them the tightest of hugs a man can ever give a woman. He will then ask them to marry him just to make them appreciate the seriousness of the matter he is addressing.

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