The signage hanging at the roof of this hostel is itself enough to hold the mind sway as an onlooker stands adjacent to Eastern gate, Makerere University.

Braetd Girls hostel has a greater position in the hostel service Business, painting a pure success story.

This hostel provides accommodation services to only female students studying at Makerere University.

As years ebb by, Braetd’s score card reads better in terms of success and experience. This home away from a girl’s home is worth it.

Hostel Name: BRAEDT Girls hostel

Location: 100 meters off Bombo Road opposite Eastern Gate Makerere University (Katanga)

Specification: Ladies

Services available: Shuttle among other classy accommodation services.

Charges: Range from Ushs 800,000 depending on category(Single or Double room)

Perks: Near taxi Lane, good environment.

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