Cavendish University Kingsgate Campus in need of more security measures

With more than five thousands students from fifteen different countries, Cavendish University Uganda is a higher institution of learning that was established in 2008. Cavendish’s main campus and Kingsgate campus are located in Nsambya, along Ggaba road. The law faculty is located in Kamokya. Cavendish University Uganda – Cavendish University | One of the …

Cavendish University has always been providing space for learning and a good environment to the students. However, students have been experiencing insecurities such as theft, and loss of properties, phones and laptops. Cases of theft have been reported from different campuses; three cases at Kingsgate campus, one case at main campus and zero case at law campus this semester.

According to the head of security at Kingsgate, Mr Atubo James, thieves always target the second floor at Kingsgate campus because there are many students compared to the fourth floor. He says, thieves target where most people are because they are likely to be careless, that is why in Kingsgate, the security supervisor is subjected to stay in second floor.

Recent cases of registered theft

The first incident of theft happened on 27th September,where a student was reading in one of the classes,then left his laptop and went for a short call. He spent more than fifteen minutes and gave enough time for the thief to grab his laptop and sign out on his behalf.

The second incident happened on 9th of October,a student was reading in the computer lab, he went out for a short call and someone came and took his phone away.

The third case was when the Ultimate Media Consult was training the Journalism students in the computer lab and someone enters the room, silently took the phone of one of the facilitators.

Kevany Mbutu,is a business student at Cavendish University who’s phone got stolen when he was standing at the reception with friends. They all stepped out, leaving the phone on the table and in less than ten minutes, coming back the phone was stolen. He says that one of the reasons why there are may cases of theft at Kingsgate it’s because the University shares the same building with shops and different people carrying out their business,so it is very easy for anyone to access the university. Most of the people stealing students’ properties make sure that they come often and learn about the environment,and as they keep coming,they try their luck as well.

Jeoffrey M. a trainer from Ultimate Media Consult advises the security to get new strategies in identifying a student and a stranger. According to him, the position of the cameras is not professional and it’s very hard to see someone’s movements,back and forth within the campus.

The security team working hand in hand with the administration together with the students has come up with a guideline of security measures on how a student or a guest at Cavendish University Kingsgate campus or any other campus should stay safe, with his/her properties

Security guidelines

They advise the students to avoid being careless and be the security of themselves with their own properties,and always collaborate with the security and the administration in case of any suggestion for more security measures.

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