Floods Affecting Cavendish University Students that Live in Kikuba Mutwe Slums Kabalagala

Cavendish University is one of the most recognized International Universities in Uganda.

It welcomes all students from different countries, Congo, Nigeria, Burundi, Rwanda, Somalia, among others.  It’s so absurd that most of these students are putting up in Kikuba Mutwe slums next to the university ….

This place is so rigorous for the students. The place is so insecure when it comes to climate change. You can draw your own conclusion when you happen to visit these areas. Kikuba Mutwe is ever wet not only in rainy seasons but also during dry seasons students are living in a mastery of mess.


You would not love to listen to the sad story of these students that put up in Kikuba Mutwe slums when it happens to rain. Due to its geographical location. It’s most likely to flood. The place is located in the valley between Kabalagala and Kibuli. Then it rains water from these raised land scape Kibuli and Kabalagala, runs down in to these slums. Accumulating past the tranches. Forcing water to run in to students hostels destroying most of their properties.


       Due to the rubbish that people dump in the trench, when water flows, it’s blocked by the rubbish, forcing it to accumulate, ending up into people’s houses.  A lot of rubbish is curried by this running water, which puts students’ health in danger. There most likely to suffer from cholera and malaria. This might lead to the dropping of their  performance.

How she’s affected


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