Courses offered at African Institute of Music

Students at the African Institute of Music on stage
Students at the African Institute of Music on stage

African Institute of Music (AIM) is a private tertiary institution. It was established in 2002. It’s a Christian college licensed by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education.

Courses offered are:

Bachelor of Music (EBM)- Three-Year Program

The course include: World-Views, Psychology, Music and Other Arts, Pedagogy, Sight Singing and Aural Skills, Harmony, Counterpoint, Choir, Western Ensemble, African Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Music Appreciation,  Arranging Music, Orchestration, Choral Conducting, Music Analysis, Music History, Ethnomusicology

Majors/Minors: African Music Performance, Composition, Voice, Piano, Guitar, Orchestral Instruments, Christian Music, Jazz Performance

Other Requirements: Research Methodology, Weekly Recital, Graduation Recital, Research paper, Community Service through performance and teaching music

 Diploma in Music/Certificate in Music- Two-Year Program

Courses: Music and Ministry, Christian Worship, Bible Survey, Leadership/Ethics, Teaching Music, Theory and History,

Sight Reading and Aural Skills, Choral Singing, Choral Conducting, Song Composition, Choral Arrangement, Secondary Instrument Skills, Africa Philharmonic Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, African Ensemble, Chamber Ensemble

Major: African Music Performance, Classical/Jazz Voice, Classical/Jazz Piano, Classical/Jazz Guitar, Bass Guitar, Orchestral Instruments

Pre-College Program at African institute of music

 YMA (Young Musicians Academy)/MPA (Music Program for Adults)

Graded Certificate Program with individual instruction AFRICA (Youth Orchestra Africa)

Saturday Program for children aged 9-18.

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3 Responses to "Courses offered at African Institute of Music"

  1. Mercy Matseketsa   September 23, 2019 at 8:48 pm

    Where are you in Lubowa? Do you offer piano lessons. Can l have your phone number.

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  2. MUKISA ISAREL   February 25, 2020 at 1:32 pm

    I was told that AIM is a Good Music school and wold be the best school to satisfy my Music desires and dream. And i picked interest to join you guys. But i would love to know how to join, when to join and what i need to join.
    I hope to hear from you soon

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    • Philimon Badagawa   March 9, 2020 at 1:05 pm

      Dear Isarel, here are the details….Application Deadline:
      22nd of June, 2019 for the Semester I (Aug.-Dec., 2019)
      21st of December, 2019 for the Semester II (Jan.-May, 2020)

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