Curriculum Writer job opportunity at Bridge International Academies

Curriculum Writer job opportunity at Bridge International Academies

Job Title:  Curriculum Writer

Bridge International Academies is transforming education by attacking one of the emerging world’s biggest problems: inadequate access to and quality of education for the children of families living on less than 180 Ksh/day.

As of May 2014, Bridge is operating 303 academies in Kenya with nearly 100,000 pupils, and has aggressive global expansion planned for 2015 and beyond. Bridge utilizes a research-proven, scripted-learning education methodology coupled with big data (all teachers have tablets for instruction, assessment, and data-gathering) to profitably deliver high quality education at less than 540 Ksh per child per month.

Bridge is a for-profit company that deeply believes that financially sustainable solutions are the long-term answer to development in emerging countries. The company is backed by top-tier, global venture capital firms.

About Position:

In February of 2015 Bridge will open its first 25 schools in Uganda. We have a small Boston office and a large Nairobi office with expert curriculum writers in math, science, English, social studies, and early childhood education. Our Ugandan adaptation team needs a dedicated individual with experience in primary education in Uganda to help adapt our current Kenyan curriculum for use in Uganda.

Imagine you’ve compiled a four months of fantastic science curriculum. We receive data that suggests we should cut 20% of our content across the board. You now need to figure out a way to make this happen for your science curriculum that’s efficient, consistent, and, most importantly, preserves the instructional quality of your work.

Key Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Combing through our current textbooks and lessons from a Ugandan perspective
  • Writing new content for textbooks, scripting objective-driven lessons, and creating aligned and rigorous assessments. This could involve working on curriculum for English, math, science, social studies, and/ or religious education depending on your skills and experience
  • Getting into the field once per week to test samples of our curriculum in our current Bridge academies
Qualifications, Skills and Experience needed for the job:
  • Three to five years’ experience working in primary education in Uganda
  • Exhibit commitment to expanding educational quality and access in East Africa and a belief in the effectiveness of scripted curriculum
  • Fluency in English (Luganda and other local language a plus)
  • Excellent communication skills – this position will involve daily remote collaboration with our Boston office
  • Flexibility, ability to process and respond to new information quickly, and excellent attention to detail

How to Apply for the job:

If you so desire to join Bridge International Academies in the aforementioned capacity, please Apply Online by Clicking on the link below -> Please Choose Curriculum Writer, Uganda

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