Dating: How I ended up slapping him for his unrealistic love intentions

Dating: How I ended up slapping him for his unrealistic love intentions
I had nothing but to slap him.
I had nothing but to slap him.

I didn’t have enough sleep in the night so I dozed most of the way to see my bundle of joy. As soon as I entered the Costa, this guy I was seated next to kept on staring at me uncomfortably.

He started making uncomfortable comments but I still ignored him. When we reached Mukono, he told me to put my head on his shoulder, but I still ignored him and the lady on my right asked him to leave me alone.

With all this my anger was piling. We reached Lugazi while I was still dozing. This guy puts his arms around me and tries to put my head on his shoulder.

I didn’t realise how I lifted my arm but I only realised after I’d slapped him and shouted “todamu kumanyira
everyone turned to see what was happening….some laughed while others jeered.

This guy then shouts back, ” olowoza oliwakabi nyo mubudugavu bwo” and I said “kalamfari” which in my language means nonsense.

The Lady on my right burst out laughing and said she would have done the same had she been in my shoes.

He then calls his girlfriend oba wife…. I don’t know and starts praising her mbu era no one could compare to her n nye nye .

The other men in the costa started complaining mbu am ill mannerd and will never get married. One elderly man asked me to apologize to the gentleman mbu omusajja tasobya.

I wore my shades and rolled………. covered my eyes. I left them to quarrel about this bad generation with the ladies supporting me. Some weren’t ……..but I really didn’t care about what anyone on that Costa thought of me.

I reached my destination and the driver said “kulikayo afande”. 

I walked out amidst murmurs, laughter and jeers, but I don’t care.  Some people just need to be put in their place.

Sexual harassment also involves those inappropriate comments men make, n if its in my power to make a statement, I gladly do it.

If I ever meet any of those pips again, I’m sure I made a lasting impression but I don’t care whatever they think.
sitya loss ndi mu kakwa

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