Get it Right: Dating is not as easy as we would like to imagine

Get it Right: Dating is not as easy as we would like to imagine

Dating is not as easy as we would like to imagine.  It is one thing to get through asking someone to go on a date with you and it is another to deliver an amazing date. Chances are high that if you offer her an amazing date, you will get to move from first base to like third base in no time.

The idea is when a woman gets impressed, she will hold you in high regard (trust me, I know). Here are some of the things to do to ensure she gets a magical night.

  • Pick a good place. I am not saying show off or anything but pick a place that you would love and that is exquisite. Women like to know you are putting in a lot of work. Pick a restaurant that is known for good food and services, like cafe Javas.
  • Remind her. Chances are high that she remembers this date, in fact she might have been talking about it to her friends all week. But she needs to know you remember, call her before the date just to confirm the time, she will know you wont bail.
  • Pick a good outfit. No one says you have to dress up like you are going to deliver a noble prize to Obama, but then again don’t dress up like you are going out with your boys, get a cool outfit, that is fitting, casual and smart. On that note, be sure to add some Ford or Chris Adams or Ryan secrets (if you will) on the whole ensemble, girls love boys who smell nice. Trust me she wont be able to keep away from you.
  • Arrive on time. Tardiness sucks. You definitely don’t want to be late, if you said 8:00, arrive 5 minutes to 8:00. it is possible she is not close to being ready, you know with all the make up and what note, but you arriving on time shows her how serious you are.
  • Crack up some chivalry. People say chivalry is dead but it is good practice, trust me it will get you several points to 100%. Now for those of you who don’t know what am talking about, let me break it down for you: open the door for her, pull the chair for her, give her your jacket when she gets cold, you know, be the gentleman you want her to think you are.

  • Be subtle. Don’t try kissing her or undressing her. Make it look like you asked her for a date and that’s it. If you play this card well, she will be in your arms, begging you to hold her in no time. Girls aren’t so hard, you just have to play it right and she will be yours. So please get it right.
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