Don't apologize for being a Woman; Relationships

Don't apologize for being a Woman; Relationships


History has it that women have to always be submissive to their Partners and this would in turn make them more lovable.

Women today have since been emancipated and go into relationships clear on what they want and this leaves men calling them names like ho, prostitute and sometimes they are really justified to do these things.

Here are some of the things women should not apologize for in relationships

Having a higher salary than yours: The Ugandan Education system has made it a point that the girl child gets the best education and this has made it possible for girls to go to school till university. So many ladies have worked their way up to very good paying jobs hence getting more money than their partners.

This has always made it hard for men to feel comfortable in these relationships but ladies should not apologize for that if he can’t handle you with the money then he doesn’t deserve you.

Success:women2 Women always have to give excuses for being successful some even some say the success is from their partner which sometimes is not true. Women should always own up to their Success because they put in a lot of effort to be what they are. A relationship should not make them compromise that.

Not wanting children: Every time a man gets into a relationship with a woman, they always expect the woman to want children no questions asked. Women today have a choice of not wanting them and this should not make them apologize for it.

“A lot goes on when a woman is going to have children and some do not want to go through all that and since it’s the woman’s body that changes, that should be their choice.”

Being alone: When a guy finds a pretty woman, what they first ask is you seeing someone? And when you say No, they ask why a pretty girl is single. They just do not get it, sometimes we need to be alone and think without any baggage and it is ok and we are ok. We do not need to have people in our lives to be able to take care of ourselves.

Putting yourself first: Being in a relationship, does not mean that you have to always put your partner first when it comes to making decisions, there is something called putting yourself first and yes even us women need to do that.

We do not need to be submissive to everything our partners tell us because we are in Love, and we should not apologize for that.

Your preferences: When in relationships, women tend to change and be other people to impress their partners. This they do by changing what they like, do, wear to fit in with who they are with. This has made them be very unhappy without complaining, Women should not change their lives for partners like they say, and they should like you for what you are.

Saying what is on your mind: Women always fear saying what is on their minds in fear of hurting their partners, this has made women vulnerable but this has changed and women should not apologize for wanting to do what makes them happy or saying something about what hurts them.

Being yourself:women Women always change their lives and acts to be attractive or to be admired by men, this has made them live very uncomfortable lives but of late the saying of “Njagala nga Bwendi” has made people realize that your partner has to like you the way you are. So we do not have to apologize for being us.

Having one night stands: When a woman has a One Night stand, it’s always the woman blamed for being used or that makes the woman to be called a hoe. This has changed; of late even women can use men and have One Night stands without adding any emotions. And this is true and yes Women are not going to apologize for this because we have the power to do that.

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