The Feeling of Sitting For Final Examinations Cavendish University

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Students doing exams: COURTESY PHOTO

Students at Cavendish University are preparing for their final exams which are scheduled to take place from the 9th of December 2019 to the 20th of December 2019.

The Weekly Cavendish media reached the university’s main campus located at Siyani along Ggaba road and interviewed a number of students who gave their responses.

The students said that they are preparing for exam and they are facing a number of challenges like not having enough time to sleep during their night time and also most teachers have not yet covered what is required by the course guideline which gives them a hard time in preparing for their end of semester exams.

Students offering business courses at Cavendish university Uganda are busy with discussions while preparing for their final examinations at Kings gate mall, along Ggaba road, Kabalagala.

They also explained that during this time most of them get sick due to exam fever and lack of advice from their parents and therefore have to seek the advice from  psychologists who advise them that they should not over read but rather have enough resting time and drink enough water which will give their body enough rest and prepare well for their exams.

Doctor leonard mawa advicing students to control them selves during exams
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