Fashion Tips: Sport your look up

Fashion Tips: Sport your look up

Am not saying go all Usain Bolt or Christiano Ronaldo with your outfit, because that would be borderline ridiculous. What am saying is, there is a cool way to add some sport to your outfit without you having to go through the trouble of playing any sport.

Sports shoes

Sports shoes are everywhere this season. Girls are tincy wincy bit close to wearing them on the red carpet because why not. Anyways, sports shoes are going to rock your outfit.

With a crop top or any top and skin tight jeans folded at the hems, get yourself a pair of Tommie’s or All Stars and you are good to go. Or better yet, loose the crop top, get a t-shirt that fits and them jeans, add a sports pair of your choice and up-up you go for that lecture without trouble.

If it is outing night, because even the lord understands you need to relax up a bit, get your short shorts and a sleeveless top add your boyfriend shirt, then complete it all with All Stars and off you go for the night you will probably not remember the following day when you wake up with a hangover from alcohol you don’t remember drinking. The idea is, you need to be comfortable but still look cool. So sweetheart, sports shoes have got your back.

And for those who love them dresses, it is okay. When pumps decide to make your life a little difficult than you would want, let sports shoes take care of you.

Get your dress, preferably a short round dress and complete it with a sports pair of your choice,  I usually go with All Stars but you never know, if you have an Adidas pair, then by all means wear that. And for you ladies who feel like you need your body outlines seen, you know, show what your mama gave you, it’s all good.

Get your body hugging dress, but for it to work add a denim shirt or a plaid shirt or any shirt, then add them Adidas shoes that are so cool, and you will have no trouble making boys fall on their faces.

The beauty of this is, you can wear the dress ensemble for class, for club, even for a date or that outing your boyfriend has been postponing for the last month (we all know boys can do that).

So dear campusers don’t despair, just get yourself a few pairs of sports shoes and you are sorted. The bonus is they tend to last long, so you have that off your back.

Sports clothes

Again am not saying get yourself membership with Chelsea or KCCA FC, nope, a few bits here and there of what sports people wear will do just fine.


Get yourself a jersey of some team you have never heard about or a team that your boyfriend supports, make sure it fits (not too tight, you might give yourself a coronary, but not too loose either, shelters for the homeless might pick you up).

Add tight jeans and your flats or open shoes, complete it all with a cape to match your outfit, and off you go to watch the cranes kick ass or get their asses kicked, whichever comes first. Or just go hang out with you friends at the mall.


With the way Ugandan weather is indecisive you might need to cover up when it gets cold. After you get your crop top or any top and them skinny jeans together, add a varsity jacket to match.

Or you can get the crop top add jeans that are only tight in the butt area, add some block heels then cover up with a varsity jacket.

If you are not the slay queen kind, get yourself a flannel top and fitting jeans add the sports jacket and off you go to do what you love or what you don’t love like evening lectures, because who really loves those.

So there you have it ladies. Whoever said sports is lost on us! Just stock up your sports shoes and clothes and rock on like you have no care in the world.


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