Gulu University Guild President Bongowat Richard Luganya sworn in

Gulu University Guild President Bongowat Richard Luganya sworn in
Ogwetta Andrew Otto handing over files to the new guild president.
Ogwetta Andrew Otto handing over files to the Bongowat Richard Lugonya, the new Gulu University guild president 2015/16.

The new Gulu University Guild President has been sworn in at a ceremony held at the university main campus in Gulu District.

Bongowat Richard Luganya takes over from Ogwetta Andrew Otto, the outgoing Gulu University Guild President 2014/15.

He becomes the 14th guild President ever since the university’s inception in 2002 as one of the public universities in Uganda.

After being sworn in, Bongowat said he will work very hard to make the different system and facilities relevant for students’ career development and also enhance meaningful community development, calling upon full cooperation from
the students and the university administration.

“The general gesture of good will and positive opinion which we celebrate today as people who are committed to reclaiming their destiny and, the restoration of systems which we seek through the New
Frontier of Change stands on the Alter of Justice, that all may be merited equal treatment according to the equality of God,” he says.

Luganya noted that all students must stand to demand for transparency and accountability so that a true sense of ownership of student governance is founded.

“We are led by unbreakable love and trust for this institution and we need to demonstrate a kind of love that goes beyond the common demonstration of hatred. As the fraternity of Gulu University, we celebrate peace, embrace unity but most importantly, we are not committing as a generation that shall; push their rights towards extinction.” Luganya added.

Namaza Emmanuel John, the new Guild speaker of Gulu University promised to work very hard, and put the students and their accountability a priority so that their voices are heard when they need them heard.

Mrs. Nalubwowa Grace, the dean of students appreciated the Guild electoral commission for carrying out a free and fair election and called upon those who didn’t go through to cooperate with those who succeeded.

“It’s high time you started concentrating on your books because exams are just at the corner. Please let go of the stress that you got during the election process and take on your books seriously,” She advised.

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