Hendrick Ssali Responds to King Saha in a Song Dubbed, Matayo

Hendrick Ssali Responds to King Saha in a Song Dubbed, Matayo

Musician Bebe Cools first son Allan Hendrik Ssali has come out and lyrically thrown jabs to his fellow musician King Saha in a song titled Matayo.

The song is a direct reply to King Saha’s trending song Zakayo which many people claim is a direct attack to Bebe Cool.

On several occasions, the two musicians Bebe Cool and King Saha have been on longer heads and have on several interviews on media attacked each other.

Recently, Bebe Cool claimed King Saha a drug addict who can never be fit to lead Ugandan musicians under their association of Uganda Musicians Association [UMA]. He said King Saha’s picture and personality doesn’t suit the big position.

In Hendricks new song Matayo that has the exact beats and sounds like King Saha’s Zakayo, he calls out the musician to quit and immediately stop taking and abusing drugs. He further cautions him that the drugs he is constantly using are indirectly putting an end to his life.

Hendrick in the song adds that King Saha should look out for people to attack who are on the same weighing scale and level than attacking those above his level or else he will get into trouble.

The art work of the song Matayo is one of King Saha’s pictures where his face was photo shopped out and replaced with a Baboon’s face.

King Saha released his Zakayo song during the times when he was campaigning for the UMA presidency after Bebe Cool endorsed musician Cindy.

However, Hendrick has not come out to publicly claim the song as a reply to King Saha’s Zakayo.He also [King Saha] has never come out and said he meant Bebe Cool in the Zakayo song.

The two songs are currently trending and have sparked off conversations on different social and main stream media platforms on which of the two songs is a better tune.

Last week, King Saha shot a video for Zakayo and says it will be dropping very soon on his YouTube channel. He also yesterday returned from United Arab Emirates where he had successful shows in Dubai and Abu Dhabi over the weekend.

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