How campusers can overcome love temptations

How campusers can overcome love temptations

Makerere Babes 1Simply to be tempted is to be lured to eat the forbidden fruit. You remember that story in the Garden of Eden, how the serpent tricked Adam and his wife into eating the thing. The bible says mbu the thing was pleasant to the eye and good for food. But what then is the forbidden fruit. Well, some people want us to imagine that there is something more to this forbidden fruit narrative than what meets the naked eye. But to some of us, the forbidden fruit is just that- the forbidden fruit. No hidden meaning. No nothing.

However, if you still think that in this day and age the devil is going to ask you to eat a forbidden fruit like Adam and Eve in a bid to tempt you, then you might be in for a big shock. Okay, it’s been said that the leopard has never changed its spots but well, the devil is not a leopard. In fact if we are to follow the patterns of biblical definition, he is a roaring lion looking for some campuser to devour.

What then is the cause of temptation? Definitely for campusers, it is not the forbidden fruit.

You know, recently on a chilly night, I went to shop some chapattis from somewhere. While there, I met friends who were also buying chapattis and while we were chatting away I told them the reason why I had been driven from my room at 10pm to buy two chappatis.

I needed to take a cup of tea to warm me up that night and I thought I should accompany that cup of tea with something to eat. In response, they advised that other than hustle with chappatis and unnecessary cups of tea during chilly nights, I should just get married, that by doing that I will provide an everlasting solution to the problem I was trying to solve with a cup of tea.

And they had biblical authority to this effect. Ecclesiastes 4:10, in the Message Version it is said that two in a bed warm each other, alone you shiver all night.

And the King James Version asks the question how one can be warm alone. It is definitely impossible. I guess this is the kind of dilemma that most campusers are facing right now.

Couple that with coursework stress and all other university stress and you will understand why campusers are tempted to live like married people even when they are not.

The preceding verse to Ecclesiastes 4:10 says that two are better than one because they have a good reward for their labour.

Apparently there is a notion which says that having someone in your life while on campus is causing oneself unnecessary stress, but well, in some cases having someone may become the supporting factor amidst the ever stressing factors of university life; the course works, the exams and the like.

But then, I am not advising any campuser to take that course at this point in time. On the contrary I believe that what we have to know is that some of the biggest temptations that campusers face are chilly nights. That is all. That’s why I have written this article. Guys, when the heavy down pours start, we can barely avoid the chilly nights in this season. So we have to fight the devil.

But how can we fight the devil. Let’s just take tea and forget about marriage or anything that is supposed to be done by only married people. For what shall it profit a man to conquer a cold night but lose his own soul?

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