How to Achieve a Glowing Skin despite Campus stress

Makerere University
A black beauty embracing her skin color: COURTESY PHOTO

BY: Esther Tasobya

Campus is that time where everybody desires to look extra ordinary whether in appearance, dress code, skin complexion, hair styles, composure and general personal style.

It is also a very stressful time for most students especially the Freshers, who are experiencing a new environment, exploring the new campus life, meeting new people, beating deadlines reading for tests and exams.

Females commonly feel pressured to look on point more than the males because they have a certain passion for beauty. They also feel that society judges them according to their appearance especially their skin tone, color and complexion.

Any kind of acne, zit, pimples, skin rash, allergies, sun burns, black heads, name it, are a total turn off. Everybody deserves a healthy and smooth skin in order to look attractive.

Here are some simple and money saving ways that you can apply to your daily skin care regimen in order to feel young, comfortable, and confident among your peers despite the stress.

Endeavor to eat healthy. Junk food is tempting to most campusers especially those who reside in hostels nearby. This is so because a packet of fries is sold as low as 2000ugx which is a relatively cheap price for campus students.

Makerere University
Healthy foods for a glowing skin

But, this ought to change. Students should interest themselves in at least two glasses of warm water each morning, plenty of fruits with breakfast, vegetables, whole grains, a diet rich in vitamin C and low on fats, less of red meats and more of white meats like fish and chicken, among others.

You need your beauty sleep. Students normally take resting for granted because of the love for partying, late night movies, tests and exam pressures. They therefore end up sleeping less and affecting their skins in the process. Do not underestimate the power of sleep in maintaining a healthy, clear and smooth skin.

A lady napping

 Drink lots of water. Water once taken regularly plays a big role in moisturizing your body and maintaining a clear skin. You should always carry a big water bottle to class and wherever you go. Water is life!

Exercise regularly. Daily exercises are good for your body. Not only do they put you in shape but they also help in maintaining a clear skin. They include; jogging, gym workouts, walks, yoga, running, dancing.

Daily exercises are good for a radiant skin

Manage stress. Did you know that stress is a silent killer and is common at Universities? It is therefore the number one cause of an unhealthy skin among university students. It can make your skin tired and prone to pimples, acne and other skin complications. Therefore students should learn to manage stress by talking about the possible causes of that stress to a trusted person, engage in fun loving activities to make you forget all about the stress, and pray about it. Trust me; the results will be worth it.

A guy stressed out

Lastly, students should beware of what they apply on their skins. Everybody is beautiful in their own skin complexion. Dark skinned girls especially should not try to bleach or put harsh chemicals on their skins. Bleaching is a common trend nowadays at campus but it is the fastest way of damaging your skin and causing severe skin irritations which may result in premature aging and cancer.

Campus students are therefore urged to use those simple but beneficial ways in order to achieve a glowing and radiant skin. Hope they are helpful!







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