How to Watch Live Sports Event For Free; Smart Betting Tips

Belgium’s Romelu Lukaku scored his second goal of the match to give his side a 3-1 lead over Tunisia in 2018 World Cup. Credit Victor Caivano/Associated Press

With the falling of data prices in Uganda and around the globe, watching football is getting easier. Sports fans around the world can now watch games on their mobile and through social media sites. They too can make instant bets.

With the advent of Facebook and YouTube live, social media users now live stream – using their phones major sporting events around the globe. Here, they place their phone cameras right in front of their screens and send the feed live.

However – to avoid being blocked by YouTube or Facebook, these users mute such events from football, music shows, wrestling, Formula 1 name it.

Most times however, the quality is compromised or videos are shaky due to instability of the individual recording the event.

Some sites such as The GuardianCNN among other provide live commentary using text updates.

However, online sites such as have even gone a notch higher by live streaming such sporting events. Here, users can access sports, music and movies!

Now with such easiness in accessing real-time sporting news and live videos plus feeds, you can easily place your bet with knowledge, figures and statistics. You can also follow up the event you placed a bet on to see how it is fairing.

Not to forget, there is an influx of websites competing for the attention of punters. Therefore, you should be able to differentiate between those that offer better offers, bonuses, promotions and good odds online.

Imagine the possibility of choosing from top betting companies within one screen?

 BettingTop10 strongly advises punters to bet with larger, reputable bookies. There are several reasons for this, first and foremost is security, if you’re putting your money in an account you want to have the peace of mind that it’s safe.

From a gambling perspective the larger bookmakers will be running better promotions, giving better odds, and if you choose a site affiliated with BettingTop10 you could claim great bonus offers.

 Therefore, win big from major events across the globe. View live streams for free by following our simple advice above. This also helps travelling fans, those who don’t want to physically go to an outlet or are at work to place a bet anytime they feel like. Convenience, secrecy, timeliness in one place –huh? The sites mentioned above provide archives of results, analysis, future fixtures and events to keep you updated.


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