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Job Title: Monitoring and Evaluation Manager – Agriculture, Uganda

Mercy Corps is an international nor for profit organization which has been operating in Uganda since 2006 and works to catalyze change makers within the Ugandan private sector, civil society and government to create economically dynamic, healthy and secure communities. Our works focus on building resilience and enable economic growth, improve opportunities to attain better health and nutrition, and improved governance and conflict management. We implement programs in the northern districts of Pader, Kitgum, Agago, Lamwo, Kaabong, Abim and Kotido with funding from USAID, USDA, Walmart Foundation, SDC, DFID as well as other private donations. Mercy Corps’ programs in Kitgum currently focus on economic development, agriculture, financial services, and women’s empowerment.

About DFID NUTEC Project:

The DFID-funded Transforming the Economy through Climate Smart Agriculture (NU-TEC) aims to develop pro poor agricultural markets in Northern Uganda and promote inclusive growth. DFID has identified a set of market failures that are standing in the way of way of the effective functioning of the agricultural sector in Northern Uganda. These include input markets, land tenure issues, storage infrastructure; access to finance; rural transport and processing capacity. The programme intends to address these market failures by facilitating improvements in agricultural productivity and to encourage private sector investment in medium to large agribusiness through the application of a market systems development approach. The programme also places a strong focus on reforming the regulatory environment in Northern Uganda by promoting more effective regulation and application of quality grades and standards.

Job Summary: The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Manager will be responsible for the M&E function of the DFID funded Transforming the Economy through Climate Smart Agriculture (NU-TEC) in, based out of Kampala and with frequent site visits to Northern Uganda. He/She will be ultimately accountable for ensuring the programme is able to effectively assess whether or not it is achieving the goals as laid out in the programme Theory of Change. The M&E Manager would, as part of a management team, oversee the systems and processes for generating data needed to effectively design interventions, analyse sector interventions for value for money, and improve programme delivery through effective adaptive management. He/She will also need to prove the validity of programme results through the design and implementation of appropriate impact assessments which strike the right balance between rigour and relevance. This implies excellent capacity to design and implement large surveys to provide critical information to monitor high-level impact of the entire programme, such as baseline surveys, mid-term and end-term surveys. This will need to be complemented by qualitative research skills with the ability to design and facilitate focus groups, undertake participatory research and develop in depth case studies.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Strategy and Vision:

  • Offer leadership and guidance to managers and officers in developing the M&E framework based on developing theories of change and results chains, for each intervention and ensure all programme staff understand and are able to use the M&E framework; and
  • Recognise opportunities for innovative action and create an environment where alternative viewpoints are welcomed.

2. Programme Management:

  • Develop and technically support the creation of detailed impact projections for sector strategies and support interventions, in close collaboration with Intervention Managers;
  • Maintain a strong monitoring and data collection system that ensures accurate data capture, collation and report generation, including the development of relevant databases templates, forms and other data systems for programme staff to improve their analytical capacities and contribute data to the M&E system;
  • Implement results chain monitoring plans, including regular field visits, facilitation of focus groups, key informant interviews and mini surveys;
  • Design and implement appropriate impact assessments which conform to good practice in the measurement of market system development programmes, and enable attribution to be measured effectively;
  • Collect and gather appropriate baseline data to inform key M&E processes;
  • Design, and then report against the programme log frame and provide supporting analysis around the value for money of programme interventions;
  • Supporting the overall learning agenda within the Agricultural Market Development Programme through the development of detailed case studies which capture what works and what doesn’t work in the pursuit of programme implementation;
  • Ensure that programme implementation is responsive to communities and partners and consistent with Mercy Corps’ relevant programme guidelines, principles, values, quality standards and strategic plan;
  • Ensure that beneficiaries are effectively targeted according to established vulnerability criteria; and
  • Compile and submit reports as needed to support internal decision making meetings, communication with stakeholders and partners, and reporting to donors.

3. Team Management:

  • Provide capacity building as needed to specific partners in adopting improved systems for data collection and monitoring;
  • Create and sustain a work environment of mutual respect where team members strive to achieve excellence;
  • Promote accountability, communicate expectations and provide constructive feedback;
  • Supervise, hire and orient new team members as necessary; and
  • Provide team members with information, tools and other resources to improve performance and reach objectives.

4. Finance & Compliance Management:

  • Ensure compliance and adherence to the donor and Mercy Corps regulations; and
  • Input to scopes of work to hire and manage any technical consultants, including review for technical efficacy.

5. Representation:

  • Identify, build and manage collaborative partnerships with consortium partners, sub-grantees, donors, local governments and other stakeholders where appropriate;
  • Communicate effectively to ensure overall project targets and donor obligations are met; and
  • Support the preparation of material and presentations to promote the programme.

6. Security:

  • Ensure compliance with security procedures and policies as determined by country leadership;
  • Proactively ensure that team members operate in a secure environment and are aware of policies.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

  • Ideally, the candidates should hold an MSc in Agricultural Economics, Statistics or Economics related field
  • Five or more years’ experience working in data analytics, database development, and M & E
  • Capacity to design household surveys and treatment and control groups, manage focus groups and develop case studies reflecting good understanding of the Ugandan context, particularly Northern Uganda
  • Prior knowledge of the DCED results measurement standard, evaluation of market systems development programmes and the use of results chains strongly preferred
  • Good knowledge and understanding of the design of programme log frames, ideally including familiarity with DFID “how to guidance” for log frame measurement
  • Flexibility to adapt evaluation criteria and monitoring systems to changing market circumstances and changing team needs
  • Excellent track record in market system analysis and research, design of M&E strategies, and the ability to monitor pro-poor growth market programmes
  • Excellent computer skills (complete office package)
  • Good report writing and presentation skills

How to Apply for the job:

All candidates who desire to join one of the world’s leading Non-governmental organisations, Mercy Corps, Please Apply Online by visiting web link below.

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