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Job Title: Clinical Nurse

The International Organization for Migration (IOM), established in 1951, is the leading international intergovernmental organization dealing with migration.  Its objective is to ensure the orderly migration of persons in need of migration assistance throughout the world.

 IOM Uganda has been registered and operational since 1988, when the field mission was established. Throughout the past 20 years, IOM Uganda has processed movements and facilitated information gathering and support towards refugees, internally displaced persons, demobilized child soldiers, trafficked women and other migrants and their specific needs, both on individual and large scale population movement.

In addition to operational matters and research, IOM has an important role in enhancing and building national capacity in migration management.

Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
  • Coordinates migration health assessment with the IOM Medical Officers working for various resettlement countries and other visa applicants;
  • Implements migration health related activities such as filling personal/applicant details, history taking, organizing medical files including laboratory results and x-rays, and performing medical follow up as requested by the IOM Medical Officers;
  • Conducts all vaccination for migrants as prescribed by the IOM Medical Officers, evaluates applicants for contraindications, updates vaccination data, maintains cold chain and ensures safekeeping of the vaccines, submit timely vaccines order request;
  • Travel to the refugees settlements as required and administer second dose of vaccines in the field, complete required documentation and update vaccination records;
  • Identifies migrant for true and likeness appearance and perform blood collection, urine and sputum specimen collections, and x-ray procedures;
  • Proactively coordinates and liaise with x-ray department, laboratory units, clinics and referral hospitals and sets appointments for various follow up;
  • Informs IOM Medical Officers that the migrant has completed treatment(s) prescribed, and ensures that required reports are provided to the appropriate parties as well as coordinate and maintain precise tracking records of all medical reviews;
  • Coordinates with IOM Medical Officers about fitness to travel of migrants and conduct pre departure checks, de-worming and anti-malarial treatments; report this information to the IOM Medical Officer;
  • Compiles and submits monthly reports for all cases cleared to travel and those on medical hold with projected dates of clearance;
  • Initiates anti -TB treatment for eligible migrants as per the panel physician’s recommendation, provide directly observed therapy (DOT) for patients at
  • IOM TB clinic, monitor treatment progress and drugs side effects, conduct monthly evaluation, observe DOT’s during the weekend, perform home visits and contact tracing, provide Health Education and counseling for TB patients and contacts;
  • Ensures safekeeping and monitoring of TB drug inventory and tracking of expiry date, request of supplementary feeding for patients and other medical items on timely manner;
  • Compiles required reports and timely submission to the National TB Program and IOM Regional Office;
  • Travels to camps and other field missions with the mobile team as required by the Medical Officer, and perform all activities requested by the supervisor;
  • Encodes data on spreadsheet, compile monthly statistical reports as required and ensure appropriate filing system for all reports and records;
  • Safekeeping, monitoring and organization of medical stock and inventory especially tracking of expiry date. Consolidates and places quarterly medical orders for supplies;
  • Perform local and international medical escort duties as required;
  • Perform any other tasks as may be assigned by the Head of Mission and the
  • Medical Officer.
Qualifications, Skills and Experience:
  • The ideal candidate should possess a Diploma in Nursing
  • A minimum of four years’ clinical experience in a clinic or hospital in the areas of: expanded immunization programme, TB Programs, VCT, migration health, disease control and international public health; Training and experience in EPI, TB, VCT, communicable diseases and migration health is a requirement.
  • Prior work experience with an international organization and NGOs dealing with refugees would be an advantage
  • Past training and experience in EPI, TB, STDs, other communicable diseases and migration health is considered an asset.
  • Computer literacy skills i.e. proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and Access.
  • The candidate should have the capacity to work independently; able to carry out tasks with attention to detail; and demonstrated ability to maintain accuracy and confidentiality;
  • Available at short notice to travel within the country and to other countries;
Language Proficiency: Fluency in both written and spoken English.
Knowledge of 2 or 3 local languages will be highly advantageous
Personal Competencies:
Behavioural Competencies:
Integrity – absolute adherence to professional and administrative standards of conduct. Actively participates in measures to support a zero tolerance to corruption and malpractice within their own work and within the work of the mission.
Accountability – accepts and gives constructive criticism; follows all relevant procedures, processes, and policies; meets deadline, cost, and quality requirements for outputs; monitors own work to correct errors; takes responsibility for meeting commitments and for any shortcomings.
Client Orientation – identifies the immediate and peripheral clients of own work; establishes and maintains effective working relationships with clients;
Identifies and monitors changes in the needs of clients, including donors;
governments, and project beneficiaries.
Continuous Learning – contributes to colleagues’ learning; demonstrates interest in improving relevant skills; demonstrates interest in acquiring skills relevant to other functional areas;
Keeps abreast of developments in own professional area.
Communication – actively shares relevant information; clearly communicates, and listens to feedback on, changing priorities and procedures; writes clearly and effectively, adapting wording and style to the intended audience; listens effectively and communicates clearly, adapting delivery to the audience.
Creativity and Initiative – proactively develops new ways to resolve problems
Leadership and Negotiation – convinces others to share resources; presents goals as shared interests.
Performance Management – provides constructive feedback to colleagues; provides fair, accurate, timely, and constructive staff evaluations; uses staff evaluations appropriately in recruitment and other relevant HR procedures.
Planning and Organizing – sets clear and achievable goals consistent with agreed priorities for self and others; identifies priority activities and assignments for self and others; organizes and documents work to allow for planned and unplanned handovers; identifies risks and makes contingency plans.
Professionalism – masters subject matter related to responsibilities; identifies issues, opportunities, and risks central to responsibilities; incorporates gender-related needs, perspectives, and concerns, and promotes equal gender participation; persistent, calm, and polite in the face of challenges and stress; treats all colleagues with respect and dignity; works effectively with people from different cultures by adapting to relevant cultural contexts; knowledgeable about and promotes IOM core mandate and migration solutions
Teamwork – actively contributes to an effective, collegial, and agreeable team environment; contributes to, and follows team objectives; gives credit where credit is due; seeks input and feedback from others; delegates tasks and responsibilities as appropriate; actively supports and implements final group decisions; takes joint responsibility for team’s work.
Technological Awareness – learns about developments in available technology; proactively identifies and advocates for cost-efficient technology solutions; understands applicability and limitation of technology and seeks to apply it toappropriate work.
Technical Effectively applies knowledge of health issues in execution of responsibilities at appropriate level; maintains confidentiality and discretion in appropriate areas of work
How to Apply for the job:
All those interested in working with the United Nations’ International Organisation for Migration (IOM) should send a cover letter and CV with detailed relevant work experience to IOM HR department via E-mail to
Deadline: 11th May 2014.
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