‘Kitenge’ style leading in Fashion designs

‘Kitenge’ style leading in Fashion designs

Kitenge  is an African print and one of the most common fashion style not only in Ghana but the African continent at large. Despite the popularity in this fashion design, the actual reality of the matter is that the Kitenge style is one of the oldest styles in the African continent.

Living in the 21st century one wouldn’t fail to appreciate how far the fashion world has changed and impacted our worlds for the better without the Kitenge style leading on the list of fashion designs in the African continent.

The African print has found its way into many people’s wardrobes. Women, especially, are embracing the print in a variety of styles, ranging from dresses to blazers, pants, and even shoes.

It doesn’t matter if it is a Monday at office, or a small dinner party , the African print commonly known as Kitenge, can be worn anywhere, anytime

Below are some of the latest Kitenge styles 2018.

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