Makerere University Issues New Fees Policy Guidelines For Students 2018/2019

Makerere University has issued new guidelines to be followed by students in payment of tuition especially for the new entrants, ‘Freshers’.
The policy include the fees structure and the items to be paid by a particular student.

It was approved by the University council in consultation with the concerned stakeholders including the student body.

According to the council, it aimed at creating a new user-friendly fees policy, which will make the experience of the University for the majority of students more fulfilling.

The following are highlights of the new fees policy:

a) New Students

i) Every student admitted to a programme of study of Makerere University will be issued a provisional admission letter with an invoice for payment of the requisite fees.
ii) All functional fees and 60% of tuition fees for new joining students must be paid before the admission letter is issued.

b) Continuing Students

Every continuing student is expected to pay fees due on the first day of a semester. However, in the event that a student is unable to pay full fees on the first day of the semester, the following conditions shall apply:
i) Minimum deposit as a commitment as may be fixed by the University Council payable within the first three weeks of a semester (currently UGX 200,000/=);

ii)The commitment deposit shall form part of fees due for the semester;

iii) Deadline for payment of minimum deposit is the sixth week of a semester;

iv) Surcharge on late payment of minimum deposit as may be fixed by Council from time to time payable by the sixth week of a semester (UGX 20,000/=);

v) Every continuing student shall be required to register within three weeks of the semester upon which the student shall be billed for that semester;

vi) Students who have not registered by the third week must register by the 10th week, beyond which a surcharge of Ugx. 50,000 shall be levied up to the 12th week.

vii) Deadline for registration is the twelfth week of a semester upon payment of a Late Registration Fee as may be determined by the University Council from time to time currently at UGX .50,000/

viii) A student who does not register by the 12th week of a semester shall be de-registered automatically and shall henceforth cease being a student of Makerere University.

ix) A student who may register but fails to pay 100% fees on the first day of a semester shall pay 100% fees within the first 12 weeks of the semester;

x) A student who register but fails to pay 100% fees within the first 12 weeks of the semester may be permitted to complete payment of the fees by the 15th week of a semester with a surcharge of 5% on the outstanding balance of fees due;

xi. A student who may register but fails to pay full fees by the 15th week shall be de-registered

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