Makerere University Suspend External Examiners over Limited Funds

Makerere University Suspend External Examiners over Limited Funds
Makerere University has resolved on eliminating external examiners from the University financial budget due to lack of adequate funds.

Information from the University sources indicate that Makerere has been getting more than 100 external examiners per year which has become financial challenge.

According to the letter from the university secretary, Mr Charles Barugahare, the resolution was made after the central management finance committee that sat on May 29 due to losses amounting to  shs4b.

“Management agreed that in view of the financial constraints, external examinations should be deferred until management provides further guidance,” the letter reads in part.

However, the changes will only affect department who have been receiving professors from other Universities and not affect graduate students who who are required to sit an external examination before graduation.

“The university has been spending a lot of money in air tickets to fly in professors from outside the country to come to Makerere to do quality assurance. We are suspending it for this financial year,” the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof Umar Kakumba told Daily Monitor.

Dr Edward Mvavu, the deputy chairperson of Makerere University Academic Staff, emphasises tht suspending external examiners will cause more harm than good.

“Suspending external examiners is suicidal. The university should have suspended leadership allowance given to top managers rather than suspending external examiners,” Dr Mvavu said.

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