Music Review: Gimme Light By Maurice Kirya

Gimme Light is taken off the 2019 album, Beyond Me. Two things we need to note at the offset – Maurice is a vastly talented composer, singer, musician and performer.

I have an issue with some of his lyricism, but there’s songs where he overcomes his limitations in this regard – songs like Angels Carried Me. And songs like Gimme Lightwhere it can be argued, he taps into that well of inspiration that sometimes simply shows up for humans, making us and our existence seem ethereal.

Second, he simply is always improving – always. Beyond Me is by far his most technically crafted album, and this is a singer who is always pushing himself in terms of the perfection he seeks.

He is dedicated to the craft of music – heck, the lad releases bona fide albums every three or four years. Albums, friends and neighbours. Everybody else drops a music video and goes home to their dog.

Because of these two things, I am looking forward to The Road to Kirya – because Maurice will always release an album you will look forward to.

It will be technically better than his last, and it will have wonderfully composed songs that he has come up with from that well-spring of material that exists in his being.

Gimme Light is stunning in its simplicity. It uses a timeless gimmick, where a simple guitar rig is used to define a song, and good lawd, that riff simply hooks you.

The song itself is a powerful, retrospective bit of songwriting, showing Maurice at his best when he taps into his self-examination process, the same way he did with Angels Carried Me. It clocks in at three minutes six seconds, and it is a song you simply do not want to end. The melody is peerlessly beautiful.

The intricate instrumentation, delicious, gospel harmonies, tight percussion make this a producer’s dream.


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