Music Review: Muwomya By Sheebah and King Saha

It is a fast-paced video, yet, it is devoid of that touch, that extra attention to detail, the ability to piece up things. First, the robbery scene, what was the intention? What is the whole outcome? How does it play into the bigger storyline? The scene leaves things hanging, not forgetting the imperfections with the rain effects.

Fast forward, the video gets us into the bar scene, the pink costumes. A fully-masked up individual gyrates around the bar counter, while the cameras move around the wall hangings. Some focus on the striped warrior, the floor, back to the camera rotation on the ceiling.

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Finally, the video drops us into the party scene, hyper individuals, and some miniature dance choreography. Then it ends! The video has all the right tools, yet it fails to combine them into a majestic statement. T

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