New elected student leaders of Uganda National Students Association

The 25th anniversary for Uganda National Students’ Association (UNSA) where the National students’ council (NSC) sat from 27th to 31st January 2014 voted the following new leaders.

National Executive Committee (NEC) 2013/2014 for UNSA
1) Speaker- Adeke Anna Ebaju from Makerere University
2) Deputy Speaker- Jumba Saidi from Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU)
3) President- Matanda Abubaker from IUIU
4) Vice President- Acak Pasquine from Makerere University Business School (MUBS)
5) General Secretary- Tumusime
6) Assistant General Secretary- Aisha Hindu from Kampala DEC
7) Sec. for Finance- Ekima Emmanuel from IUIU
8) Sec. for publicity and information- Obita Denis from School of Hygiene Mbale
9) Sec. Women Affairs- Namatovu Sharifah from Mutesa 1 Royal University
10) Sec. Inter-school Affairs- Ogwal Moses from LIRA DEC
11) Sec. National Affairs- Wenani Kenneth
12) Sec. International Affairs- Namatovu- Kigundu Fatuma from IUIU

Election of the national Executive Committee (NEC) were as follows;

2 representatives at National Council for Higher Education

  • Twejikye saidi from IUIU
  • Awino from Tororo were elected

3 representatives for the Board of Trustees for Uganda National Students’ Association

  • Col. Masiko Henry,
  • Billy Janet
  • Akena allan

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