Nkumba university general assembly flops

Nkumba university general assembly flops

Guild Ministers, MPs shun

Students were seen rotating around the University campus rather than attending the Assembly.
Students were seen rotating around the University campus rather than attending the Assembly.


Stories of a failed show or an album launch may not mean a lot to the public because of the entrance fee in a hotel or the popularity of the artists but save for the general assembly of Nkumba university which flopped.

There was a miserable attendance of a handful of students and a few staff members and administrators who turned up for the most communal meeting and interaction with the administration.

Only 3 members out of the 27 Guild Member of Parliament were present. From over 30 Guild Minister,only 7 showed up for the General Assembly.

Out of the total enrollment of about 8000 students at Nkumba University, less than 15 students attended the assembly that was held in the main hall.

At most universities, general assemblies are vital for both students and university administrators for sharing ideas, identifying problems that can led to possible solutions. The students can easily use this platform to express their grievances and challenges which they face.

These meetings are also a reliable podium for encountering any possible demonstrations and strikes in the university since students utter out their predicaments like bad feeding, harsh policies among others.

However this does not stop administrators and some guild officials from carrying out the exercise of discussion with the students especially new students who turned up.

The dean of students at Nkumba University, David Christopher Kasasa urged the students to always attend such gathering and utilize the offices to keep on truck with the university programs and activities.

He also reminded the learners to cooperate with the census enumerators during the counting of the people. He added that the university is in a bid to organize Hall meetings including the non residents.

“Be security vigilant of yourself with money and the property like laptops and phones. Avoid night movement without your Identification documents, be careful with strangers you meet other wise security starts with you.” Accentuated the dean.

The new academic registrar at Nkumba University, Christine Obonyo also reminded the students to pay fees in time and through the bank other than giving cash to some staff members.

“Make sure you follow the guideline of fess payment to avoid unsuspecting problems like fines and delayed clearance.” Ms Obonyo emphasized.

Ms. Obonyo was concerned about the poor utilization of the library facilities. “It is surprising that you only find a handful of students reading books in library, please make use of the University facilities.” Urged the Academic Registrar.

Nkumba university Guild President, Byarugaba Julius urged his fellow students to always pray and put God first.

Byarugaba stressed that students should always endeavor to attend the university social activities like Miss Nkumba, Street bash and the freshers’ ball and above all focus on the academics.

He encouraged students to learn how to sing the Anthems.

“Learn both the East African and the university anthems so as not to be embarrassed during job interviews and public functions when you can sing them.” Byarugaba said.

He pledged better severvises

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