Nkumba University introduces new policies

Nkumba University introduces new policies
A notice at Nkumba University library reads
A notice at Nkumba University library readsNkumba University

Lectures at Nkumba University have stated today 11th August 2014. However, The Campus Times has learnt that the university has introduce some new strict policies.

According to the new policy introduced at Nkumba university, all students are expected to have registered fully by 11th September in order for the students to access university facilities like meals, library among others.

There is also a strict tuition scrutiny by the finance department such as students will have to pick their receipts of payment after two days.

Though both the continuing and new students students were expected in lecture rooms today, a handful of students turned up for lectures especially freshers who were seen moving from building to building trying to cite their lecture rooms.

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