Nkumba University Powers Up for the Digital Age with Acquisition of 50 New Computers

Nkumba University Powers Up for the Digital Age with Acquisition of 50 New Computers

In a move to propel itself into the forefront of digital learning, Nkumba University has announced the acquisition of 50 high-performance computers.

This investment in the university’s digital infrastructure underscores their commitment to providing a cutting-edge educational experience for students and staff alike.

The new additions include Intel Core i5-12th generation desktops and Dell Vostro 3910 Core i5-12th Generation Desktops, marking a significant upgrade in the university’s IT infrastructure.

According to Prof. Francis Kasekende, University Secretary, this purchase is part of a strategic investment aimed at bolstering IT services for both staff and students. “We recognize the importance of embracing technology to stay ahead in today’s fast-paced academic environment. These new computers will significantly enhance our digital capabilities, enabling us to provide top-notch services to our community,” Prof. Kasekende emphasized.

The new computers feature powerful performance, compact design, and excellent connectivity options, which will greatly benefit the university’s digital infrastructure. Mr. Mustafa Kato, Director of the Nkumba University IT Department, highlighted the benefits, stating, “With Intel Core i5-12th generation processors, these desktops ensure smooth multitasking, fast processing speeds, and efficient power usage. The Dell Vostro 3910 Core i5-12th Generation Desktop, in particular, stands out as a robust, versatile, and future-proof choice for anyone seeking a dependable desktop solution.”

Prof. Kasekende reiterated the university’s commitment to providing the necessary tools for success in an increasingly digital world. The acquisition is expected to improve access to IT services across the university, facilitating a more seamless and efficient learning experience for students and staff.

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