Olympia HostelTwinkling walls meet the eyes of an onlooker from a distance as one walks along Kimera road off sir Apollo kagwa road towards greater Kikoni Makerere area. This magnificent structure is home to hundreds of university students in the name of Olympia Hostel.

The ambiance it paints from a distance entirely matches with its interior features. Olympia hostel stands in a haze of its own among the many hostel structures in its neighborhood. It is the “king of hostels” according to students residing in nearby facilities.

In terms of structural organization and plan, this “king in the jungle” of hostels presents a true definition of the art of architectural workmanship. The walls that twinkle from a distance present a distinct figure of the most unique, amiable and flamboyant environment the residents of Olympia hostel exclusively enjoy. This air is felt by the corporate environment shrouded by a mist of silence, “a best reading environment” according to the in-charge.

As we make courtesy with the “In-charge” on the reason of our visit, a truck is ferrying in cow dung. Asked why such is necessary in this rather spectacular environment, he just smiles. The hostel runs a biogas plant which supplements on the other sources of energy needed for the daily operations of the facility, is the reason for the cow dung. This bio energy is the reason for a restaurant worth its name around the facility. The truck yaws around the vast parking lot and is whisked towards the pool side next to the biogas facility.Poolside Olympia hostel

Amongst the about levels of this storey structure, every has a kitchen facility, reading room laundry room, and a public toilet and shower room facility outside the rather self contained rooms. This facility has standby wormers for those who may face difficulties with cold showers. These levels are also fitted with fire alarm systems.

From a shroud of wireless internet, cable Tv, curtains for each resident, a bed, transport facilities subsidized restaurant and supermarket services swimming pool, the in-charge goes on and on. As we extend to get a clear view of the swimming pool, low yet squeaky noises of iron meet our are heard in the background. Right by the poolside is a gym. The supermarket is well attendant and so is the restaurant.

From the look of things at Olympia, this facility targets students from a certain social strata. If medals of hostel services were a revered endeavor worthy to be organized in reward of such efforts as provision of better services, Olympia hostel deserves consideration.

Basic  information

Hostel Name: Olympia hostel

Location: 20metres off Kimera road Kikoni Makerere

Specifications: Mixed

Services available: Chooking gas, wide parking space, beds, cable TV per room, wodrope  salon, transport facility restaurant, grocery store (supermarket), gym and many more

Perks: good and quiet environment (cooperate) safety, very clean, an accommodative stare case even for PWDs in cases of wheel chairs and 12hour clean monitoring.

Charges per semester: Ranges from ushs750,000 to ushs 1,200,000

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