Kathryn Hostel

Kathyryn Hostel
Kathyryn Hostel

The “Welcome to Kathryn Hostel” stamp at the entrance floor reveals the ambiance and the clarity in air of this hostel. We realize upon approach that Kathryn is a “mixed” Hostel.

Richard, the in-charge of the hostel tells us the administration is proud of the location. “It is a walkable distance from LDC or Makerere University”. But the hostel shuttles are visible in the yard, a clear indication that transport services are available.

The structure exterior and interior of Kathryn is a true definition of “serene environments”. Kathryn Houses along accommodation, a restaurant facility, supermarket, canteen and entertainment services including a remarkable rest yard.

Richard is confident, non beats Kathryn Hostel with better services in the hostel business.

Information Break down

Hostel Name: Kathryn Hostel

Location: Between Kyadondo and Makerere Hill road  off Kagugube road

Gender specification: Mixed (male and Female)

Services available: shuttle, Dstv, Reading room, subsidized canteen and restaurant services

Perks: tight security Serene environment, easy access to Makerere university even with no shuttle, amiable residence

Charges: Ranges from ushs 500,000 depending on the nature of accommodation needed

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