Police has Summoned Spice Diana Over Murder

Police has Summoned Spice Diana Over Murder

Musician Hajara Namukwaya, better known to many as Spice Diana, is in hot soup after being summoned by Katwe Police Post over a man who was found murdered at her home last week.

This murder case is registered under file number SD.ref 07/30/06/2022.

The dead man has been identified as Henry Hamza Nsamba, aged 27.

Insiders at Katwe Police say the death could have occurred in the early hours of Thursday, June 30, at Spice Diana’s home located in Kyamuza Zone, Salaama Road in Makindye Municipality.

Residents allege that Nsamba was badly beaten by Spice Diana’s bouncers and on realising that he was at the brink of death, he was brought out of the fence naked and thrown a few metres away from Diana’s home.

Passersby who were heading to work allegedly found him lying unconscious.

They then called the Police to come and save his life.

By the time the Police from Salaama arrived, Nsamba was bleeding profusely.

It is alleged that he was a suspected thief who was found in one of the luxury rooms in Spice Diana’s home.

One of the residents says there is very tight security at the musician’s home, ranging from bouncers to policemen, backed up by dogs and cameras.

He noted that the fence is very tall, which is very hard to climb, and he wondered how Nsamba managed to beat such security to get into Spice Diana’s room.

There is also a rumour among the residents, saying Nsamba was once a good friend of Spice Diana before she became a star and he has always been locked out of the gate for poor dressing.

The area LC1 chairman, James Kyambadde, lamented that he got to know about the news a day later yet the area’s defence secretary lives opposite Diana.

One of the policemen who was called to pick Nsamba says it’s people from Diana’s home that called them, but they unfortunately found him almost dead

The Police say they are still carrying out investigations and they are going to study the home security cameras.

The deputy spokesperson of Kampala metropolitan, Luke Owesigyire, says according to information that they have got so far, the man who was killed was from Bunamwaya Ngobe and he was caught after jumping over Spice Diana’s fence.

He says he was badly beaten by residents and he died on the way to Kiruddu Hospital.

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