Alfred Robert Tucker was Bishop of Uganda from 1899 to 1908. In 1913, a year before Bishop Tucker’s death, Uganda’s first theological college was formed. On his death, it was named Bishop Tucker Theological College. In 1997, it became Uganda Christian University.

Dean of Bishop Tucker School of Divinity, Christopher Byaruhanga reminisces on Bishop Tucker.

In December 2022, the Mukono Municipal Local Council started renovation on the road. The glee from the students and local business operatives was short lived as a distance of about 0.4 miles was only tarmacked. The rest of the Murrum road connecting the Campus to the Kampala-Jinja Highway has hindered comfortable transportation and movement.

UCU’S Director of Facilities and Capital Projects, Eng. David Kivumbi says since 2010, they have engaged in discussions with the Mukono Municipal Council over the works on the Bishop Tucker Road.

Nevertheless, the Mukono Municipal Council’s head engineer is hopeful the road repairs will be completed.

“We are working alongside the central government to get the construction done,” says Josiah Sserunjoji, an engineer who blames the snail pace of the construction on the lack of funds. “We are co-operating with the government to get enough funds to complete the road works.”

According to Sserunjoji, it costs a little over $880,000 to construct a mile on the road.
Outside the impact on businesses, the uneven, dusty road negatively affects the image of UCU, endangers pedestrians as they dodge vehicles weaving in and out of potholes and hinders UCU student travel to classes.

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