Senior Procurement officer needed at Medequip

Senior Procurement officer needed at Medequip

Job Title:        Senior Procurement Officer

Organisation: Medequip Limited

Duty Station: Kampala, Uganda

Reports to: Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer

About US:

Medequip Limited is one of the leading distributors of medical equipment, supplies and consumables in Uganda, especially imaging and radiology, critical care, surgical, and medical furniture.

Job Summary: The Senior Procurement Officer will be responsible for the timely procurement of goods and services for the Company, ensuring cost effectiveness commensurate with quality.  All purchases shall be in accordance with Company standard practices, and all mandatory laws of the Sovereign Country. The Officer will promote and maintain a high level of communication and liaison with the external supplier community and CompanyDepartments.

Key Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Provides guidance and assistance to the Company and staff in all aspects of purchasing.
  • Ensures that all purchasing is in compliance with regulations and laws related to purchasing practices and in accordance with Company standard practices.
  • Prepares and develops bid documents and supplier bid lists to obtain competitive quotations on commodities and services.
  • Promotes the Purchasing section as an effective resource for addressing Supply Management issues.
  • Keeps constantly apprised of economic / business situations as they affect purchasing policy; makes recommendations to adequately meet those changing conditions.
  • Develops and updates department procedures and recommends changes to related college standard practices; interprets policies and procedures to the Company and staff in their need to purchase supplies and services.
  • Analyzes current procurement activities and recommends improvement through more efficient procurement methods, quantity discounts, standardization, value analysis and cooperative purchasing.
  • Solicits information regarding a variety of commodities by telephone, facsimile, interview or written requests ensuring cost effectiveness commensurate with quality.
  • Reviews tenders and purchase award documentation with respect to quality, suitability, delivery and pricing.
  • Responsible for awarding a contract with consensus from the respective department.
  • Responsible for the development and administration of the awarded contract.
  • Prepares and maintains accurate records and documentation on all solicitations, responses, purchases, contracts, correspondence and related follow up.
  • Expedites outstanding purchase orders to ensure delivery requirements are met.
  • Promotes and develops contact and liaison with the external supplier community and the Company.
  • Interviews current suppliers to improve levels of service and new suppliers to develop and establish new sources of supply.
  • Collects and reports statistics to measure commodity and/or supplier performance.
  • Prepares reports to ensure compliance with related laws and regulations..
  • Coordinates and resolves problems with end user departments and suppliers.
  • Assist in resolving Accounts Payable invoice discrepancies and variances after Accounts Payable make initial inquiry.
  • Assists Shipping and Receiving with shipment /transportation related discrepancies and variances.
  • Performs other related duties such as special assignments and annual major objectives as required.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

  • The applicant must be a certified Professional Purchaser accreditation and/or Business Degree,
  • Three years of experience in International Procurement.
  • Maintains confidentiality of purchasing and financial information.
  • Ensures compliance with standard practices, regulations and statutes.

Personal Competencies:

  • Core Performance Competencies for all employees of the Company :
  • Building Rapport – developing good relationships; getting along well with people and putting them at ease.
  • Client/Customer Awareness – exemplifying excellent customer service skills.
  • Interpersonal Relations – recognizing the “people” aspect of issues and the need for positive relationships; produces good results through interaction with others.
  • Listening Skills – attentive hearing; demonstrating understanding from what has been expressed.
  • Organizing/Planning Ability – problem solving and time management skills; meeting as well as working under deadlines; goal setting based on priorities.
  • Personal Work Ethic – meeting as well as working under deadlines; setting high standards for oneself.

In addition, to the Core Competencies identified as being required by all Company  staff, the following competencies are also integral to the position:

  • Attention to Detail – Checking for accuracy in one’s work; controlling/eliminating errors; showing concern for all areas of a task, however small.
  • Analytical Skills – Collecting, comparing and relating data from different sources; identifying issues; anticipating problems.
  • Integrity – can be trusted to perform duties in a proper and honest manner.
  • Computer Skills – using appropriate computer skills and knowledge, ranging from data entry to systems analysis, to achieve work goals.
  • Consultative Skills – Giving effective professional advice to meet the identified needs of the client/customer.
  • Team Skills – being able to work collaboratively with others in a participative management environment; working independently as well as working on a team.
  • Written Skills – Conveying information accurately in an appropriate written format; expressing oneself effectively in writing. 

How to Apply:

All candidates are encouraged to hand deliver their applications with updated CVs to our address below;

Medequip (U) Limited,

Block 29 – Plot 1521 Mawanda Rd

P.O Box 23350 Kampala. Uganda

Tel: +256 414 530166

Deadline: 11th May 2018

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