Sio Valley Student invents product to increase the life span of food

Sio Valley Student invents product to increase the life span of food

The founder of Sio Valley, Jean Nageri, claims that his invention, called “KaFresh,” which is available in powder form, will aid in reducing food waste in the nation.

A plant-based organic powder called KaFresh creates an edible covering that lowers the rate of respiration and preserves the product’s quality.

Without refrigerating, food can be stored at room temperature for up to six months following a new preservative powder “KaFresh” innovated by Jean Nageri company.

The founder of Sio Valley, Jean Nageri, explained that his “KaFresh” invention, which is in powder form, will help in reducing food waste in the nation.

Source: Sio Valley Twitter

Nageri gave a reason for his motivation, stating that in 2020, his father lost more than an acre of bananas due to a delay in getting them to market.

The Uganda Christian University (UCU) Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science and Entrepreneurship graduate recalls how his father then tasked him with finding a solution to the food spoilage.

“I had to look into nature to solve this problem using organic means. I did research and found out why oranges tend to last longer than avocados. That was how I came up with KaFresh,

Nageri, sio valley founder explianed

KaFresh is a plant-based organic powder that forms an edible coating that slows down the rate of respiration and maintains the quality of the product

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The Kafresh powder is mixed with water and sprayed on the produce to increase its life span under room temperature.
Speaking at the Swarm Summit organised by Hive Colab and Youth Startup Academy Uganda last Friday, Nageri said they have been able to increase the lifespan of tomatoes to one month, sweet potatoes to three months, avocadoes to two months, and bananas to one month.

“We have conducted trials with two of the largest fruit exporters in Uganda and they have yielded results,” he said.
Just like with other innovations, Nageri’s team has, along the way, encountered some difficulties. They include a lack of resources, funding, and trust in the product by customers who fear trying out new products.

“Raising capital has really been challenging, especially for an idea of this nature,” said Nageri, adding: “Just because you have an idea doesn’t mean you will receive funding.”
Ms Barbara Mutabazi, the co-founder of Hive Colab, urged the government to invest more funds in such innovations to help in curbing the rampant youth unemployment in the country.

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