The greatest gift is our brain,we must develop this asset

Eno Beke Ikwen
Eno Beke Ikwen

BY Eno Beke Ikwen.

 Youths should choose hard work over mediocrity. Dear young comrades a cross River Nile states , we must wake up to the realities surrounding us as a minority.

We have no numerical strength, we have no Selfless leaders at the top who have the interest of our people in their hearts; we have language and cultural barriers.

As it is, we are culturally diverse and very easy to separate because of our low binding force.
The only thing we have got is our land and our people. As a people, our greatest gift is our brain. We must develop this asset.


That’s the only way we can overcome our challenges and make a breakthrough that will position the youths in the national platform as decision makers.

Let us do it by choosing hard work over mediocrity. We need to be ready to go through the processes of life and fore go shortcuts to quick wealth.

Through this, we (youths) can acquire values that the rest of the country will feel they cannot do without us.

The writer is a former Meteorologist at  the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET)


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