The truth will save you in a relationship

Scramble and partition, this time not for politics, but love affairs.
Scramble and partition, this time not for politics, but love affairs.

When it comes to love and relationships, there are so many categories of people claiming to be single.

You will get those saying “I’m single but engaged”, another one will tell you “I’m single and seriously searching”. Then comes the one saying “I’m single and seriously settled”.

But some people are single because of many reasons. Some tend to take their time enjoying their lives until a worthy person crosses their path.

Some are approached by decent men and women all the time but refuse to compromise their standards. Others are too busy with kids, sick parents, school, etc.

But the main reason why 20% of mature adults are single is because they don’t have the energy and time for games, lies, and other nonsense. They are totally fade up.

Unfortunately, there are so many men and women who can’t tell the truth in a relationship about who they are, what they want, or who they’re sleeping with. But all this is done in the name of love.

And some of the worst perpetrators are people aged between 28 and 40. Now, that’s a damn shame!

Someone needs to explain to them that saying the truth in a relationship will not only save them a lot of unnecessary drama but it will also earn them respect too in their love affairs.

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