Trade bazaar at Mbarara university set for 18th Aug

Micheal Jackson Kabushenga from Mbarara university
Micheal Jackson Kabushenga from Mbarara university

By Micheal Jackson Kabushenga, MUST Guild president

Freshmen and women, welcome to Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST).

At MUST, we are friendly, full of warmth, lovely and so caring; doors at the guild office are always open, feel free to pop in at any one time and make use of the noticeboards.

The students BAZAAR at Mbarara university will be there from the 18th-25th AUG 2013, at the Independence Park.

There will be lots of fun and entertainment alongside all the goodies to be sold at the Bazaar. Make sure you attend in person and fasten your seat-belts for a journey of a life time.

Lastly, I believe you are blessed for you have come in a time for a change that will satisfy you at Mabarara university!

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