Uganda Christian University Vice Chancellor's Award

One of the new structures at Uganda Christian University (UCU)
One of the new structures at Uganda Christian University (UCU)

Scholarships at Uganda Christian University 

Uganda Christian University (UCU) always gives out scholarships to the best students under the Vice Chancellor’s Award annually.

The UCU scholarships rely on the Deans and Heads to recommend the most excellent students in their respective faculties and departments;

There are nine awards each year:

  • Three for Best in each year (receiving full tuition)
  • Three for first runners up(receiving ¾ of Tuition)
  • Three for second Runners up (receiving ½ tuition)
  • The latter two are subject to budgetary constraints.

Eligibility is determined based on performance (GPA), character, faith and leadership. Deans and Heads provide this information with help of the University Chaplain and the Director of Student Affairs through filling in recommendation forms.

These scholarships are awarded to full-time students who are pursuing their bachelors’ degree and have excellent grades.

This scholarship is only available to students studying at Mukono and Kampala campuses and strictly a merit-based scholarship, not need-based.

The selection process occurs in August of each year and announcement made at the end of September.

For those who are awarded scholarships, credit worth the award will be posted to the students’ account that semester and the next semester. Since these are annual,  the Bursar’s Office will be immediately notified of the award and the amount will be credited beginning that semester and continue for the duration of the Academic Year.

Uganda Christian University scholarship award begins with the first semester of the students’ second, third and fourth year of study. It lasts one year, however students may receive successive awards.

Students who win the Vice Chancellor’s Award for at least two times during their tenure of study at Uganda Christian University shall be eligible for extra recognition at Graduation.

The scholarship will be revoked by the Scholarships Committee at any time if the student is found guilty of violating the Code of Conduct.

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