Vice President Edward Ssekandi launches Prof. Apolo Nsibambi’s book on National Integration

Vice President Edward Ssekandi launches Prof. Apolo Nsibambi’s book on National Integration
Professor Apolo Robin Nsibambi
Professor Apolo Robin Nsibambi

In an interview on the day of the book launch, the author-Professor Apolo Robin Nsibambi said: “I have written this book on national integration to share ideas and knowledge with Ugandans and the world over. When the ideas are read world over, humanity will understand and appreciate what is in Uganda.”

The author is a former Prime Minister of Uganda (1999-2011), Minister of Public Service (1996-1998) and Minister of Education and Sports (1998-1999).

At Makerere University, Professor Nsibambi is respected for his enormous contribution to Makerere University’s transformation and continuity in building for the future.

He is distinguished alumnus of Makerere University (Bsc Economics London at Makerere University) who served his alma-mater as member of faculty, Head of Department of Political Science and Public Administration (1978-1990); Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences (1978-1983, 1985-1987), and Director- Makerere Institute of Social Research (1993-1996), and Chancellor (2003-2007).

On Friday 26th September 2014, Professor Nsibambi presented to Ugandans and the world at large, another book titled, National Integration in Uganda 1962-2013, published by Fountain Publishers, Kampala, Uganda.

Professor Nsibambi renown for encouraging people to publish has 54 publications including a book on decentralization and civil society in Uganda: The Quest for Good Governance,1998.

Prof. Nsibambi’s book on National Integration
Prof. Nsibambi’s book on National Integration

In his 337 page book, Professor Nsibambi examines the problems and prospects of national integration since 1962 when Uganda achieved independence to 2013.

He presents seven chapters:

  • Introduction
  • National Integration in Uganda (1962-2013)
  • Definition of National Integration
  • Integrating Buganda into Uganda (1962-2013)
  • Integrating Karamoja into Uganda
  • Integrating the Northern Region into Uganda
  • the Language Factor and National Integration in Uganda
  • the book ends with Chapter VI, which draws together the main themes of the work and provides some reflections by way of conclusion.

The book concludes by asking a question: ‘What is the main obstacle to the integration of Buganda, Karamoja and the Northern region into Uganda?’

To answer the question, Prof. Nsibambi provides historical evidence and lessons that can be learnt, uses the available literature/research on the evolution of Uganda, and he asserts that the Central Government has established central authority over Buganda, Karamoja and the northern region.

He equally points out that the failure of the Government to take adequate deliberate steps to make English and Swahili, two official languages, to be widely understood national languages, has reduced the realization of trans-ethnic integration.

Launching the book, H.E Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi, the Vice President of the Republic of Uganda congratulated Prof. Apolo Nsibambi on yet another milestone in his very long and distinguished career as an Academician and a person who has made tremendous contribution in extending the boundaries of knowledge to a sizeable number of people.

“Prof. Nsibambi is eminently qualified to write this book because he is a not only strong academic but an experienced Political Leader.  I discovered Prof.  Apolo Nsibambi when he was a Member of the Constituent Assembly which made our Constitution.

He was articulate on constitutional and political issues; and a wordsmith of sorts.  You all remember words like “lugubrious,” said the Vice President drawing applause from Senior Citizens in this country, religious and political leaders, civil society, leaders of political parties, academia, media who attended the book launch at Sheraton Hotel, Kampala.

Arch Bishop Emeritus Livingstone Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo thanked the Almighty God for blessing Professor Nsibambi with wisdom to write the book on national integration. He also appealed to the Almighty God to equally bless audience and all Ugandans with a reading culture.

The Managing Director, Fountain Publishers, Mr. James Tumusiime welcomed Prof. Nsibambi’s book as a timely addition to Uganda’s knowledge. Acknowledging Prof. Nsibambi as a great lover of knowledge and an advocate for the reading culture and publishing, Mr. Tumusiime thanked authors in Uganda and world over for writing books to bridge the knowledge gaps.

The Vice President, H.E Kiwanuka Ssekandi pointed out that the absence of national integration had caused Ugandans to fight religious and tribal wars.  He reiterated the NRM Government’s commitment to the promotion and realization integration at National, Regional and Continental levels; for socio-economic transformation of our people, from Peasantry to Modernity.

“Government, therefore, will continue to emphasise the importance of unity and need for a common vision based on the desire to fight poverty, and improve the social wellbeing of the people.  I, therefore, wish to take this opportunity to call upon all Ugandans to appreciate the importance of integration and unity if we are to overcome, the challenges of our times,” he said.

This valuable book published by Fountain Publishers Limited costs only Thirty thousand shillings only (30,000/=).

Written by: Ritah Namisango, Makerere University Public Relations Office

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