Why the Marburg scare won’t stop us from hugging our loved ones

Why the Marburg scare won’t stop us from hugging our loved ones
With the out break of Merberg Disease, people have been advised to desist from hugging.
With the out break of Marburg Disease, people have been advised to desist from hugging.

The President of this country his Excellence Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has taken the bother to warn Ugandans against hugging. Why? Because the last thing our President will stand is seeing his subjects, the citizens of this country dying just because they do not have enough self-control in their systems to constrain them from receiving and giving hugs. It is unfortunate.

However, if you have read Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, you will know that one of the things that the writer advocates for is for us to always seek to understand before we seek to be understood.

It’s not that I am questioning the wisdom of our dear president. Who am I to do that! I am just saying that we should place this entire hugging thing in its proper context for it is only then that we can understand why some Ugandans like I are still bent on hugging our friends even when we know that by doing that we stand a risk of contracting the deadly virus.

I will speak of those of us in church. How can we survive without hugging? How? It is not possible. Hugs are central element of what we do in church. The bible expects there to be fervent love expressed among-st us. Hugs are just one of the ways through which this love is channeled. That’s why even some praise songs have components where you have to hug a sister or a brother for them to make meaning.

Besides, some brothers think the only opportunity they can ever get to hug the sisters is in those Christian Fellowship circles because it is only in church where hugs are thrown around so freely and with no strings attached.

So, with all the benefits that accrue to the practice, do you think people are simply going to wake up one Sunday and stop hugging just because the President has scared them with this Marburg thing?  Even if it were Ebola, I don’t think such a threat would work.

And then speaking of some someone like I who does Pastoral work, if I stop hugging, people will be like Musumba Zak you have started being proud and they will think I am fallen.

Yet the bible says in Zion none shall be sick. And we are the kind who have come before Mount Zion in the city where the living God resides, the invisible Jerusalem, populated with festive angels and Christian citizens. So Marburg is not our portion. Hallelujah!

That is why every time I am about to receive a hug from a sister and think of Museveni’s words, in my heart I am like I cancel Marburg in the name of Jeeeesus. I then cover my chest with the blood of our lord Jesus Christ and receive the hug without any fear. It is the only way I can get around this Marburg thing you know.

Remember faith without action is dead or so the bible says. Therefore, if I believe that God has the ability to protect me from any sickness, then why should I stop hugging because of Marburg? I can’t. It is my faith.

And please don’t try this if you don’t have faith. I would rather you stop hugging. Forget about all the benefits you have been getting and resign to your fate. Instead you should just look on as we the mighty men of valour, who by faith have overcome this Marburg scare, are hugging the sisters on your behalf. It is the price you pay for not having faith.

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