Woodball: The new game on the rise in Uganda

Woodball: The new game on the rise in Uganda
Woodball is a game yet to be embraced by Ugandans
Woodball is a game yet to be embraced by Ugandans

Football first, basketball later and even baseball, now comes woodball, the sport taking schools, universities and corporate entities by storm.

Woodball is a sport where a mallet is used to pass a ball through gates. This game can be played in grass, sand or indoor.  The sport was invented in Taiwan by Weng Ming-hui and Kuang-chu Young in 1990.

Joan Mukoova the 2014 USPA Best Female Woodball Player of the year compares the sport to golf.

“It’s simplified because we play with sticks. We follow the same rules as golf. The only difference is that in Golf they use a club and hole while in woodball we use a mallet and gate,” she says.

According to Uganda Woodball Federation (UWbF) website, the game is conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations set by organizing committee and the International Woodball Rules.

All players are required to complete their session of a game from the first through to the twelfth fairway, or its multiple fairways as stipulated.

The final outcome is determined by total stroke count in play. For players who have not completed the game upon any one of the fairway or discontinues playing, their result will not be counted.

In Uganda currently, Zawedde Lilian represents the nation at a number of world events and has won a number of trophies. She is ranked number one in Uganda and Africa.

Adupa Joel, who represented Uganda at World level and won a bronze medal in 2014 is a growing woodball player whose accuracy grows every time he plays.


  • Corporate Circuit at MUBS Nakawa on August 16th 2015
  • Beach Circuit at Sports Beach Entebbe on September 13th 2015
  • National Open at St. Joseph Kisubi 0ct 10th-11 2015
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