How To Pose for that Perfect Photo at Campus

How To Pose for that Perfect Photo at Campus

Every student at campus desires to look their best at all times. This can be seen through the clothes they put on, shoes, hairstyles, haircuts, jewelry, bags, name it!

This is why some of the students go an extra mile to look good come rain or sunshine so that they can fit in or looked at as the “cool” kids at campus. It therefore becomes important to invest in our sense of fashion and also take photos to keep those memories for the future because of the different emotions they evoke.

Memories are commonly gotten through the photos we take with our loved ones, friends and our individual photos. Hence, practicing the art of posing is crucial if we want to take photos that bring out the best in us. Remember, all memories matter!

Here are some posing tips to help you perfect your photos:

  1. Practice. As the common saying goes, practice makes perfect. So let us practice, practice and more practice. Whether it is in front of the mirror, family, close friends or your camera’s self-timer. A big part of looking good comes with feeling comfortable with yourself and the people around you. Do not forget that.

2. Know your angle. Angle is also known as the good side of your body. Most of us have sides on our bodies that we feel comfortable with when facing the camera. It might be the right or left side of the body. If you have not yet discovered your good side, do not worry. It all comes with time.

Student shows her good side

3. Prepare a bit. If you have a photo shoot, it doesn’t hurt to prepare your poses in advance. Nothing is worse than being unprepared for the camera. Make a little research on the different poses you would want to try out and actually try them out in front of the mirror. All that is preparation.

4. Show some emotion. People will always notice emotionless photos and they are not so pleasant to look at. Therefore, when you are posing for a photo, you can show off your beautiful smile, squint or pop out your eyes a little, give a side smile, give a serious but not so serious look, laugh out loud, glance at something, tilt your head a little, give a sassy look and look at the camera…. all that is emotion.

5. Make slight adjustments. When you are taking a photo, do not be stationary in one place. Adjust your body slightly so that each photo comes out differently from the other. Play with your hands, standing posture and legs to get that perfect pose.

Use your hands, legs, tilt your head a little...
Student prepared and ready for the camera
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